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Competing on your Appaloosa

Appaloosas can do absolutely anything. Whether you're a competitive trail rider, show jumper, eventer, western rider or you do a bit of everything, the Appaloosa is your horse. It's not unusual to see an Appaloosa doing all of those things and more.

When you're a member of ApHANZ and you compete with a registered Appaloosa, you have the chance to vie for a variety of awards:

  • annual awards - using your points from August to July each year
  • national show awards - using points gained at the annual nationals
  • lifetime awards - using all points ever calculated
  • saddle log awards - based on your hours in the saddle

NZ Zealand Appaloosa Champion trophyNew Zealand Champion
A lifetime award recognising the most versatile and talented of Appaloosa horses. This award is given to horses who have achieved a Register of Merit Award in four different events plus a Register of Merit at halter, illustrating their performance excellence, versatility and conformation.

To qualify, each of the Registers of Merit must include wins over at least six horses competing in a class or a Supreme Champion over twenty or more Appaloosas at a show.

New Zealand Youth Champion
A lifetime award for versatile youth competitors achieved after a youth gains a Register of Merit in four different youth events plus a Register of Merit in Youth Showmanship.

Super Horse
The most prestigious annual award, celebrating the Appaloosa with the most points gained in a year (from National Show to National Show) with points gained in at least four of the following categories:

  • halter
  • western performance
  • english performance
  • cattle events
  • timed events
  • racing
  • endurance/competitive trail
Super Horses receive a quality trophy blanket presented at the National Show prizegiving.

No other awards celebrate the versatility of the Appaloosa in quite the same way.

New Zealand Appaloosa Champions:

1. Another Joker

2. Nakia Mist
3. Colida's Jet Set

4. Miss Deck Bar
5. Deck Bar

6. Trelibra Pride
7. Torfoot Rave On

8. Nioka Elgin Princess
9. Sonojohn
10. Deck's Princess
11. Wakehurst Lucky Dip

12. JR Jazz Personality
13. CR's Heavenly Pipedream
14. Joker's Image
15. Colida's Charisma

16. Westland War Dancer
17. All's Well Apache Girl

18. She's a Sparkling Lady

19. Jagady's Jetson
20. Majesdeck Lad
21. Shashone
22. He's a Sparkling Lad

23. Sweetie's Breeze

24. Quadro Plaudit Power
25. Westwind Sugar Bar Jagady
26. Springs Maggie Bar

27. Davy Crockett

28. JJ Zepplin

29. Sundays Sensation

30. BK Tamie
31. GB Classique L'Amour

32. Glenview Lady

33. Decks Temptation

34 . Merrivale Idaho Flash
35. McCues Express
36 Stylish Zippo

New Zealand Appaloosa Youth Champions:
  1. Paula Batty
  2. Petra Davidson
  3. Jozette Thode
  4. Heidi Davidson
  5. Tonya Combe
  6. Sharyn Dandy
  7. Dylan Mapp
  8. Rebecca Johnson
  9. Shannon Mapp
  10. David Marshall
  11. Deborah Whitehead
  12. Jodie Blomfield
  13. Charleen Allison
  14. Steffi Young
  15. Kelly Hall
  16. Kimberley Allison
  17. Miranda Turner
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