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Horse Association
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Office hours: Tues, Weds, Thurs, 6 - 8pm.
Phone: 07 322 8222

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Fees and forms

The forms here require the industry standard Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from Please contact the office to send you forms if you have any trouble downloading these.

For help completing the progeny or adult registration forms please see the registration section.

Essential forms

>> progeny recording form - horses 0 - 2 years

>> adult registration form - horses 2 years and older

>> membership form - join or renew your Association membership

>> change of ownership form - record a new owner (whether or not they are a member)

>> change of details form - let us know your new address

>> colour review form - for use if your horse's base coat colour may have been misrecorded on its registration certificate

>> stallion return form (MS Word), stallion return form (PDF) - to be completed by the owners of registered and classified stallion owners and returned to the office by 1 May each year

>> Non-Studbook registration form Register Non-Studbook horses

Appaloosa Association fees

For more on registration, see our registration section.
Progeny recording
ApHANZ fee
Birth - 6 months
6 - 12 months
12 - 24 months
Adult registration
ApHANZ fee
Coloured adult stock
Breeding stock (solid coloured mare/stallion)
Solid coloured gelding
Breeding stock to coloured adult (transfer)
Solid gelding to coloured adult (transfer)
Other registration / breeding options
ApHANZ fee
Duplicate registration certificate
Stallion classification
Stallion return (per mare)
Late stallion return (per mare)
Service to non-Appaloosa stallion
Change of horse's name
Transfer of ownership
For more on membership, see our membership section.
ApHANZ fee
New individual (adult) membership
Renewed individual membership
New constituent membership
Renewed constituent membership
New family membership
Renewed family membership
Youth membership
Books and magazines
ApHANZ fee
Appaloosa News magazine only (within NZ)
Appaloosa News magazine only (overseas)
Stud book 1975 - 2007
Stud book on CD 1975 - 2007
Service certificate book (stallion owners)
ApHANZ breed handbook (essential reading)
For more on advertising, see our advertising section.
Magazine advertising
ApHANZ fee
Back cover in colour
Full page colour
Full page black and white
Half page black and white only
Quarter page black and white only
Classified (60 words)
Each additional 10 words
Round Up Spot (1 year)
Stallion Gallery (1 year)
Stallion Gallery on website (1 year)*
Web site for sale listing (2 months) *
* Web site listings for stallions or horses for sale are only available when horses are also advertised in the Appaloosa News.

Stud Book
The Appaloosa Assn of NZ have recently produced the latest Studbook.

• Studbook in a folder $50, plus post and packing of $7.50.
• Studbook with only loose pages $40 plus post and packing of $5.00.

Appaloosa registration certificate

Don't forget to register your Appaloosa!

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